Fleet Maintenance

Priority 1 provides customized fleet maintenance and management programs that reduce costs, increase fleet and equipment reliability and create a replacement schedule that ensures your department receives new equipment before your existing equipment is worn out.

Cities and counties are under great pressure to cut costs and create efficiencies. Most departments have reduced staff and are operating with fewer resources than ever before. Fleet maintenance and management are not your primary duties and responsibilities, that’s what we do.

By outsourcing your fleet maintenance and management operations, your personnel can focus on their primary business activities, you will reduce overhead costs and can redirect personnel to other areas in need of additional resources, and your vehicles are serviced at authorized dealerships by factory trained and certified technicians.

We can establish a fleet maintenance program that gives your agency total control over your fleet. Together we will design a fleet that contains all the right vehicles that are properly equipped to carry out your mission and keep your community safe. The program allows you to decide when to get new vehicles and equipment and how to allocate those vehicles amongst your staff. No more renting vehicles from your Corp Yard and being told ‘there’s no money for that’.