Lease/Purchase Program

In a time when most departments are facing budget shortfalls, using old and worn out equipment and driving vehicles with over 100,000 miles, it seems as though there’s no other options to obtaining new vehicles and equipment.

Most departments operate under the “Pay-In-Advance” theory because city’s believe they should own their equipment. This theory can be very costly and tie up funding and give the impression that there’s no money for new equipment.

Priority 1 provides our customers with a municipal finance program that offers 3 and 4 year finance terms with monthly or annual payment schedules. There are no pre-payment penalties, no balloon or residual payments and after the last payment, the agency owns the vehicle.

This program allows unlimited mileage, there are no “wear & Tear” or maintenance clauses, you can install any equipment and/or modify the vehicle as necessary and you can even include all your emergency equipment and vehicle outfitting into the lease payment so you can upgrade your equipment.